Courses run within the community are a great advantage for those out there seeking to gain skills and qualification to help them regain employment after being made redundant or to return into the working environment after a spell at home after illness or raising children.  

Course 1

Word and File Management

This course will help you to be confident in saving, organising and retrieving your documents before you expand deeper into computing and IT. This course will help you develop and organise your files into Folders which could contain your documents, photos, and to help you produce professional looking documents.

Microsoft Word 2007
Allows you to produce accurate professional documents. It will also introduce you to the basic of the file management system, so that you can both save and retrieve your documents successfully.

You will learn the following:-

  • Create and save text documents
  • Recall, edit and re save documents.
  • Use spell check facility
  • Format Text
  • Create, move and delete folders

These Courses are run at
Menter Cwm Gwendraeth - Pontyberem
01269 871600

Course 2

Internet and E-mail

Learn how to search the internet, find information, shop local sites and organisations, social networking or play games. You can also do on line banking.


We will show you how to set
up your own e-mail account, use it fully to incorporate media into your e-mails including photos, attach documents, music etc, helping you to gain confidence in surfing the world wide web...


During this course you will learn the following:-

  • Send, receive and forward email
  • Create folders to store your mail
  • Create address and contacts
  • Search the www.

These Courses are run at
Menter Cwm Gwendraeth - Pontyberem
01269 871600



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